Reliable Driving School,Des Plaines

Welcome to Reliable Driving School,Your Chicagoland Driving School !

We at Reliable Driving School aim to providing Professional, High Quality and Safe driving training at extremely low, low rates guaranteed, as compared to our competitors.

We are Registered, Approved and Licensed by the Secretary of State, Department of Commercial Driver Training Illinois, along with all our experienced, cool, tolerant & patient Instructors and Lady Instructors, as well.

We cover almost all the areas of the city of Chicago and Suburbs too and enjoy the best reputation amongst as we focus on each and every aspect of “SAFE DRIVING” due to the fact that it not only involves one’s own life but many other innocent lives.

We are educating and training potential candidates the Basic Driving Tactics and bring them on the move safely and independently, for over a Decade through our well Trained, Highly Qualified Experienced, Devoted and Multilingual Instructors.

Thereby our main goal is to bring you to move around and enjoy life independently rather than depending on others for every little necessity i.e .Doctor, School, Grocery or Kids School etc.etc. Our driving programs are designed to meet Adults, irrespective of age , race, religion, color ,mental capacity & levels and teen as well.

“Reputation is not purchased but earned “ We carry the Best Reputation which we earned over a long period of Honest, Serious and Sincere work to the community, hence, looking forward to getting down to the basics and walking through every step of process of this Lifetime Achievement.

We always focus to excel in everything we do and considered the Best in the community which is a tremendous achievement for the Reliable Driving School.Training is available 7 days a week in day light as well as night, (certain restrictions apply) depending upon Weather Conditions i.e. Snow or Rain.

We look forward to welcoming you to Reliable Driving School, Because we believe you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your life, Be independent  and Enjoy your life your way by learning the Correct and Proper Techniques of “SAFE DRIVING SKILLS & CONFIDENCE”

We work for your safety, So should you do !

Thank you.

Syed K.Raziuddin Chief Instructor

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Teen Classes Starting from 1st & 15th of June, July & August.
11.30 am to 01.30 pm 03.30pm to 05.30pm.
On Competitive Charges and Comfortable Timings.
Main Office:
1169 S Elmhurst Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016. Cellular :+1 847- 873- 6337

Phone :+1 847-640-6060

Office Hours:
Wednessday:09:00 to 17:00 Hrs
 Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: between 11:00 to 20:00 Hrs